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Weishan Ancient City:National historical and cultural city, is the most intact Ming dynasty city, "The north has Pingyao, and south Weishan in China". Weishan Ancient City is the checkerboard pattern, 25 streets and 18 avenues, Chengong and Xinggong City Gate Towers being the landmark buildings in the city. Stroll the city, such as through the time tunnel. Tips: Go to the bus station and walk about one kilometer southeast to get to the Square Street, or take a tricycle ($ 5). Chengong City Gate Tower Ticket: 2 Yuan / Person. Weibao Mountain:Nanzhao ancestor Xi Nuluo birth place, famous Taoist mountains in China, national forest park. Known as the purple fog surrounded over the mountain peak, and has a reputation of Weibao secluded of the world Taoist architectural buildings in Weibao Mountain is large in scale, and domestic rare. On eighth of second lunar month holds the Chinese Yi Worship Event. Stay in fantastic environment, look for Weibao paradise.Tips: about 10 km southeast of Weishan County, you can take the tourist buses in the bus terminal, or take a tricycle to go. Provide accommodation in the mountain. Tel :0872 -6369049, Tickets: 60 yuan / person. Bird Road and Impregnable Pass:The famous migratory route, southwest trail of the ancient Silk Road. Walk along the trail, close to nature, love elves, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
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