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Ancient Dali City: The first batch of national historical and cultural city. West of Cangshan Mountain, east of Erhai Lake, that a water around Cangshan Mountain, the mountain holds the ancient city expresses the king city tolerance of Nanzhao and Dali Kingdom. The extant city has been built during Hongwu period of Ming dynasty, retained a rich history of 600 years, and is the spirit inn for dwelling visitors. Tips: First arrive Xiaguan Town,then take Bus 4 or Bus 8 to Dali City, 1.5-3 Yuan, nearly 30 minutes, on foot or take the storage battery car for tour of the city (35 yuan / person).Dali City Travel Service Co., Ltd. Address: No. 44 Yuju Road, Dali City Tel: 0872-2680799 South Gate:Symbol of Dali City, could see the view of the whole city from the top, must visit attractions. The Tower of Five Glories:Kingdom guesthouse in Nanzhao period, located in the center of the city, hailed as the south center first tower. Fuxing Road:The most bustling pedestrian street of the city. Walking along the slate road, listening to flowing water, smelling the flowers, getting lost in the ancient time. Duwenxiu Marshal House: In Xianfeng period of Qing dynasty, the rebellion leader Du Wenxiu, who was the Hui nationality, took the army here as the marshal resident. In 1986, the Dali Museum was established. Renmin Road:Local decilious foods in the street, young artists gather together, numerous street vendors, bookstores, bars and pubs are in the street, known as the slow-paced living area of the city.
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