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Xinhua Village:Chinese folk art village, Yunnan silverware museum, called silver capital and waterside town; Xinhua village is a Bai village, and every family has a spring fountain, household water. In here, listen hammer struck through one thousand year, meet unexpectedly plateau waterside town , conduct a silver love.Tips: 5km from the county city, catch No.5 Bus to arrive. Open Time: 8:00 - 17:30 Tel: 0872-4139139 Caohai Bird Wetlands:Annual winter migratory birds gather together, soak up the sun. Between summer and autumn, the flowers open in competition, paddy fragrance, ecological harmony within one scene. Tips: 5th bus to the Xinhua village entrance then toward east. Dragon Pool Scenery:Heqing plain is a "Dragon Pool Kingdom", having dozens of dragon pools. Willows combing the wind in the pool bank, bees and butterflies among the flowers, is a West Lake style. Mountains within lakes, lakes within mountains, forms a spectacle. Malta Azaleas:May, Malta Mountain is full of flowers, chirping birds, ancient trees. Tianchi Lake, hidden in the mountains, very beautiful.
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