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Shibao Mountain and Sideng Street in Shaxi:Shibao Mountain trees flourish, stone unlimited fun, especially Nanzhao and Dali stone caves and cliff statues having long reputation, is a national key cultural relics protection units and scenic spots; Shaxi is a collection of temples, ancient stages, shops, horse shops, Hongsha stone streets, centuries-old trees, the ancient roadways, town gates in one. Sideng Street in Shaxi enrolled 101 World Heritage in danger building. Enjoy the tranquility in Shaxi. Tips: Shibao Mountain is 25 km away from Jianchuan County, 800 meters walking from the parking lot to Shizhong Temple Cave. Shibao Mountain Tickets: 60 Yuan / Person. Thousand Lion Mountain:The number of stone lions and the lion great shape, it is worldwide unique, called "two unbreakable records in the world." There are 3268 stone lions, a huge "Lion King" 25 meters high and 15 meters long, 12 meters wide.Tips: located 1.5 kilometers west of Jianchuan county city, walk or ride a tricycle, 6 yuan / person. Tickets: 20 Yuan / Person. Tourism Tel:0872 -4526329. Sword Lake:Clear water, afar to overlook "heaven mirror", close to see fish in water; around Sword Lake is Bai inhabited villages, beautiful, distinct landscapes in different times, picturesque fram fields and villages.Tips: 3km southeast of the county city, catch a minibus, 3 Yuan / Person.
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